About Ananya

Founder: Avisha Naidoo

Ananya Luxury Pret, founded in 2018.
An idea that came to life by her passion for Indian fashion.

The Indian fashion industry has taken the world by storm with its modern, traditional and western influence. Leading designers in the fashion industry are born from India and have put Indian fashion amongst the top leading labels/fashion houses in the world.

The concept of Ananya came to life following her years of travel to India and her love of the attire. She prides herself on unique, traditional and trendy styles for the modern Indian woman.

Ananya was launched to provide high-end Indian attire easily available to the South African market. A luxurious online experience.

All the garments in her collection are personally selected by her in India, curated to her style. She takes great pride in choosing the highest quality materials and hand-done beading/embroidery on all her pieces.

During your shopping experience with Ananya(defined as unique), you will find each piece only for you. Garments are only made available once which allows you to feel ‘Unique’ in your style.